Fake Vs Real

Fake flowers, also know as artificial flowers vs real flowers.

It can be a dilemma, especially if you are on a budget. Well think of it like this, if you want the overall decor to look pretty and colourful, artificial flowers would be a good option. However, if you want the pleasant aroma and the silky touch feel that real flowers offer, there is not much to think about, REAL FLOWERS it is. Just know you might have to cut expenses in other areas of your event planning.

Let's get into the pro's and cons of both plants (artificial vs real)

Artificial Flowers Pros

  • Can be placed outdoors in any weather, every time of the year.

  • Flower arrangements can be made as far in advance as possible.

  • You can keep the flowers as a souvenir after the party.

  • It's an overall cheaper option when you have a tight budget.

  • The risk of exposure of an allergic reaction to your guests reduces drastically.

  • Needs only a brush once in a while to remove dust and grime, you can use a paintbrush for that

Artificial flowers Cons

  • Doesn't have a natural smell.

  • Looks fake.

  • Can be stiff.

Real Flowers Pros

  • Natural pleasant smell.

  • Blends perfectly with other flowers in a bouquet.

  • UNIQUE softness to touch

  • Looks beautifully in pictures

  • it has a beauty that cannot be replicated with artificial flowers.

Real Flowers Cons

  • Short life span.

  • Has to be arranged as closest to the time of the event as possible, if possible within the hour.

  • More expensive than artificial flowers.

  • Need regular feeding and maintenance which increase the overall cost.

  • The light and temperature EXPOSURE has to be adjusted depending on the type of flower.

As we can see when comparing the Cons of both artificial and real flowers, real flowers lose the bet. However at the end of the day, it is up to you, what do you want to see, feel, smell, if you have the patience to feed and look after the flowers, your budget, if whether you want your bouquet as a souvenir or not and if you care about your guest's opinion on you having artificial flowers on your celebration.

Personally, I love real flowers, although it takes work, with feeding, light, temperature exposure, and it does costs more I would still choose real flowers over artificial ones. I believe that good things don't last and we have to look after them in the best way we can, in order to keep them as long as possible. This goes with relationships and flowers AND EVERYTHING ELSE WE HOLD DEAR. I would however use artificial greenery as a table runner, to keep the area clean and free from worms around food. God knows how I am terrified of small insects.

Quick Question, Can you see the difference between which one is real and artificial in the picture below? Answer in the comments!




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