Let’s talk VENUE!

So, you are looking for the perfect venue for your celebration.

Regardless of what type of event you plan on celebrating, the rules to find the best venue are quite the same. The only difference is that depending on the occasion you might want a smaller space.

Well, I don’t know about you, but I think a venue will “break” or “make” your celebration. The outside is as important as the inside.

Due to this pandemic, we now have to take into account social distance, and so, when booking a venue you need to take into account personal space, and so, you might end up paying for a bigger space than you would normally before covid-19.

I remember when, I used to plan parties and the client would tell me that although they plan on inviting a lot of people, they do not want a big space because that would make people scatter and not fill the dance floor. But now, you must get a bigger space. It is just the way it is.

Without further ado, let's dive into what to look for when selecting the VENUE.

First and foremost, decide the LOCATION It’s important to take into consideration where your guests are coming from. Let’s think for a second that most of them are using public transport. You do not, I repeat, you do not want to choose a venue that makes your guest take more than two transports. People my miss transports, and they might even give up altogether on going to your party. So, Location, consider the closest place to your guests as possible.

Make sure is also not too hard to find, do not pick somewhere that is very far from your place. You should also make it clear in the invitations whether guests are to go directly to the venue or come to your house and go with you. If it is the latter, make sure you have enough means of transportation to take all your guests. If they are to come themselves, make sure you clearly mention the address and mention a famous landmark near the venue to make it easier to find. If possible, add a map on the back of the invitations. You should also provide your phone number in case someone gets lost and needs to call you for directions.


If your heart is settled on a particular venue that is popular and is in a good location, make sure you book it as soon as you can. Popular places can be tough to book at the last minute, especially during summer and weekends, Friday and Saturday seem to peek time.

Particularly now that the government announced that lockdown might be over soon, every soul wants to celebrate. Obviously, banket hall owners might use this opportunity to charge a bit more to compensate for the months of lost business, but can you blame them? I certainly can’t.

The only way to avoid this extra charge is to be smart when looking for your hall:

  • You can consider having your celebration during the off-season when rates are much more economical.

  • Look around different banket halls to get the best deal, not forgetting, location.

  • Ask for discounts and packages to know your best available option as well.

Deposit/Booking So, you have found the VENUE, good PRICE accessible LOCATION and now is time to discuss DEPOSIT. Before making a deposit, make sure you visit the venue at least twice. Visit once when someone else’s party is in progress, and once when it is empty. Don’t have your heart set on a place just by looking at pictures. You may be surprised or disappointed when you see the actual place yourself. Take a camera, a pad, and a pencil to take pictures and sketch down a rough map of the room. Go home, contemplate on your choice, and then process to booking if it is what you want. Moreover, be sure to ask the manager or owner what permissions you get to have. Questions you may ask:

  • Are you allowed to decorate the premises or is the management going to take care of it for you?

  • Do they have a kitchen?

  • Are there bathrooms in the venue, or nearby?

  • Do they provide waiting staff for your guests?

  • Is the venue wheelchair accessible?

  • Can you bring your own food?

  • Are party poppers allowed?

  • Are candles allowed?

  • Do you have a permit to serve alcoholic drinks?

  • Ask for a list of everything you get to have included in the price of the booking.

Asking all these questions beforehand will avoid any distressing situations on the day of your celebration.

I think the above tips are enough, you are now ready to hunt your perfect VENUE.


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