Forest Wedding

Full Package

We offer a full package to plan your wedding. Starting from invitations, looking for the perfect venue, organising catering and tasters. We can also organise your bachelor party.

Special Day Image

On the Day

On your special day, we'll fully coordinate it.

Four to six weeks prior we will contact all your suppliers to ensure they all have the correct details for the day. We will set up the venue on the day of your wedding and will totally coordinate it from getting you ready for your first dance to cutting the cake and seeing you off on your honeymoon. 

Partial Package Image

Partial Package

In this partial package, you may only choose what is missing. Perhaps you have planned everything but don't know where to start regarding the décor, or maybe you have the décor but need someone to set it up. We can help!


Private Parties

Baby in Baptism Clothes


Congratulations, you have welcomed your bundle of joy into the world and what better way to celebrate than with a christening? Whether you want to welcome your child into the Christian community or just simply want a family celebration we can help you plan it, decorate and cater.

Drinks in the Garden

Special Occasions

Every occasion that you believe needs to stick to memory must be celebrated. From an intimate couples night and tea with your closest friends to an announcement celebration, we sure can plan, decorate and cater for it.

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From announcing your expected baby to celebrating theirs or yours birthday, we can assist you in each and every milestone with thematic parties. 


Corporate Events

Corporate Parties

Corporate events are a fantastic way to show off your company brand while establishing your event brand. This is your chance to show your product's users or service who your company is through an amazing event for them. From food and Venue to finding the perfect atmosphere, we surely can help you.           

Conference Image


As an event planner, I will Craft a Vision of Your Conference, creat a Business plan, Compare Venues and Services, Recruit and Managing Registrants and coordinate all of the details on the day if you need me to.

Fun Day Image

Employee Fun Days

Do you want to shake up or refresh your annual corporate employee or family fun day, maybe even plan an exciting one-off event for your staff and their families? Well, you are in the right place, let us help you plan it.



Cold Buffet

We provide a variety on our cold buffet. From canapé and mini sandwiches to pies, pastries and prawns.

Fancy Desserts


A variety of Desserts and Candy Carts for your occasion.

From cake and pies to sugar biscuits and Hot Bombs.


Hot Buffet

We offer a variety of dishes in our Hot Buffet.

From Vegetarian Lasangha to Roasted Turkey